Makeup Tips For Black Women

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I hope you are finding your way in this fun, exhilarating and sometimes chaotic world of beauty. As I created my makeup masterpiece today, I thought about sharing some makeup tips with you. Today the tip is LESS IS MORE. I know many of you want that full coverage look and believe you me it has its place, but just hear me out for a moment. Nothing says beauty like the minimalist look, not to mention the time you’ll save in creating your makeup masterpiece. Instead of wearing a full coverage foundation that you’ve applied two layers of, the glob of under eye concealer that you’ve applied in the upside down triangle, followed by powder, followed by the cream contour, followed by more powder, STOP! How about this, try applying less product. For example, if you usually apply two pumps of foundation, try one pump or even a half a pump of foundation to your entire face. Our goal here is to just even your skin tone out a little, not completely cover every blemish on your face. It’s perfectly fine to allow what lies beneath to show a little. Even when wearing makeup, you want to have a life-like look to your skin. Not that of a mask.

less is more beauty tipsApplication of your foundation can also make a huge difference in achieving the LESS IS MORE look. In my experience, brushes tend to give more coverage so you may want to try a dampened beauty blender for a lighter, more natural, minimalist look. When you apply your under eye concealer, try applying little dots of product under your eyes and gently blend it out by using either your ring finger, as it is said to be the weakest finger on your hand, or use the small tip on your beauty blender. If you are not familiar with the beauty blender, I have attached a video of a well-known beauty influencer named C Key. Please check out her channel and subscribe.

Overall, you want every part of your look to be balanced and complimentary of the other. In other words, your entire look should be minimal, natural, and easy when achieving the minimalist look. Less is more and in many cases, it’s enough.

I hope something here was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below.


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