L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation Review

As you know the world of beauty encompasses the good, the bad and the ugly as it relates to finding the right “everything” that compliments you. As a woman of color, the beauty struggle is real when trying to find the right “everything” when it comes to the perfect foundation shade. The “everything” in this instance is not only shade but undertone and for some, this includes the formulation. In this blog, our discussion will be about the L.A. Girl Pro. Matte HD high definition long wear matte foundation.

The Good

The foundation is packaged in a 1.0 oz frosted glass bottle with a matte black top. The bottle has a nice high-end look with a pump dispenser which I love. One pump provides a generous amount of product for a full face application. There is a scent present, however; it is not a strong or chemical type scent. I found it to be quite pleasant. The packaging delivers a high-end look with affordable pricing ranging from approximately $8 to $10. The shade range consists of 14 shades. During my two weeks of wearing this foundation, I found that it is a medium to buildable full coverage foundation that blends effortlessly with a brush or beauty blender. The product is advertised as having a soft suede matte finish and I will say that is accurate.

The Bad

As an oily girl, I have yet to find a foundation that can subdue my breakthrough oils and this one is no different. With this foundation, I will say I started to see the effects of my natural glow or oils after about 4 hours of wear. Although my oils were starting to show through, the foundation remained presentable.

The Ugly

Within the 14 foundations in the shade range, the deepest shade leaves much to be desired. This shade range excludes many women of color on the deeper, richer end of the complexion spectrum. At best this foundation range includes women only in the light to medium shade range with many medium shades excluded due to the lack of shades from one to the next.

Below I have attached a video of a beauty influencer by the name of YouKeyy. She has done an in-depth review of the L.A. Girl Pro matte foundation. Check out her channel and subscribe.



Overall, if you are an oily girl with acne-prone skin as I am and can find your shade, this foundation is one you should try. I have now added this foundation to my go-to collection. With its affordable price point, you have nothing to lose.

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