How To Master The No-Makeup Makeup Look

When creating makeup looks, you should always master the no-makeup makeup look. It’s effortless and can be done in a limited amount of time. This look falls in line with the less is more idea. To let your natural beauty show, you can not go wrong with a light application of products. To achieve the no-makeup makeup look you will need a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, undereye concealer, mascara, a charcoal or dark brown eyeliner, a blush that just gives a natural flush, a lip color or gloss that gives a little color and a brow product if needed.


Keep in mind when applying your foundation, the goal is not to cover every imperfection but rather even the appearance of your skin’s tone. This can also be achieved with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. For this look, the undereye concealer should be very close to your skin tone. No more than a shade lighter than your foundation shade. The charcoal or dark brown eyeliner is to give the eyes a little definition while keeping your look soft. To complete the look of your eyes you want to apply one or two coats of mascara.

When framing the face, if you have sparse brows, lightly fill them in by simply doing little hair strokes with a brow pencil. To keep this look soft, you do not want to chisel your brows out with sharp lines. Remember we are trying to achieve a look of not being made up. Now add just a hint of color with a blush that will add a little life back into your face. No bold colors for this look. We want to have a natural flush in the cheeks.

To complete your look, put on a lip color that will add just a little color. Nothing bold like a red or bright coral. Something muted that compliments your skin tone. Voila! You are now no-makeup makeup ready.

Who Can Benefit From This Look

If you are a busy mom and have to get the kids to the ball field, the no-makeup makeup look is for you. Getting married and want to be a natural beauty on your wedding day, the no-makeup makeup look is for you. In a pinch and running late for work, the no-makeup makeup look is for you. This look is timeless and should definitely be in your bag of tricks for beauty looks.

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