Organic Hair Care For Women Of Color


With more and more women of color embracing their natural hair texture, finding ideal products is essential to providing the nourishment that natural tresses need. This is also true for women of color who have chemically treated hair whether it be hair color or relaxed. No matter what your hair preference, whether you are natural or have relaxed hair, quality hair products should always be on your list of “must haves”. You see your “must haves” are those products that no matter what you come across, you can’t see yourself without a few gems from a certain brand.

Carol’s Daughter is definitely a brand that’s worth exploring and making a part of your “must haves”. You can’t go wrong with the Black Vanilla products. I always keep the Black Vanilla leave-in conditioner on hand and I love the way it smells. There’s so much to sample within this line. If you have damaged or healthy hair, natural or relaxed, Carol’s daughter has healthy, nourishing and affordable products for you.

As always thank you for stopping by. I would love to know which organic products you use. Please leave your comments below.


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