Welcome to LuminousBelle. I am so happy you stopped by. LuminousBelle was created with you in mind. Yes woman of color, you. This blog is to celebrate the wonderful, beautiful, strong yet subtle, unique, intriguing and natural shades of you and your undertones. Like many of you, I love makeup and enjoy experimenting with it daily. If beauty was a song, it’d be my jam! 

When I am creating a look with my makeup and my makeup brushes, you can’t tell me I am not an artist. I am creating art and my face is the canvas. I feel such joy when the color pay off is poppin! Although I love sampling products, it’s not always a pleasant experience as many of you may know. Being a woman of color, who loves cosmetics doesn’t mean you will not experience some beauty challenges, but this is not news to you. There are times when we have to become a cosmetic chemist in order to create the perfect foundation shade with correct undertones. Frustrating, I know. Oh and let’s not talk about how some brands are expanding their cosmetic line to have more shades for those of us in the medium to deep color range, but if you live in a certain demographic, chances of you purchasing your shade in a store is slim to none. This is exactly why LuminousBelle was created.

If you are a woman of color, who considers herself a beauty “enthusiast” and you can relate to any of these scenarios, please check back for updates. Here beauty products will be discussed, reviewed and recommendations made as to where you can shop and purchase products well-suited for you. 


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